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Alpha Motor Corporation previews new electric vehicle Icon™ mobility innovation for sustainability

Alpha Motor Corporation is pursuing a leadership role in the multi-billion-dollar EV market with a unique mobility innovation. Alpha provided a much-anticipated preview of ICON™, the company’s first electric vehicle. The launch demonstrates the company’s commitment to revolutionize the automotive industry toward a sustainable future.

“ICON™ is purpose-driven mobility that is beautifully proportioned on a multi-functional platform,”

Alpha Motor Corporation Chief Executive Officer Michael Smith.

ICON™ is a first of its kind electric vehicle with unprecedented versatility. ICON™ is configurable into a SUV, Van, or Truck for personal and commercial use. Simple in design and purposeful in function, it’s an EUV™ (electric utility vehicle) with a multi-faceted capacity. ICON™ is distinctively eco-friendly, making it the ideal choice as the company’s lead product.

ICON™ integrates renewable vehicle technology on a modular platform differentiated from other skateboard-like chassis. Alpha’s electric vehicle platform enables seamless replacement, recycling, and refreshing of major components, including the battery, external body, and interior components critical to its shelf life. This enables ICON™ to provide customizable solutions for individuals, businesses, and municipal and government entities.

Alpha’s product philosophy begins with championing consumers and businesses. The company’s development strategy prioritizes the three R’s: Renewable, Recyclable, and Replaceable. ICON™ is true to Alpha’s unwavering commitment to developing sustainable mobility solutions.

The Alpha team has decades of experience designing, engineering, and producing automobiles. Numerous versions of ICON™ was created to advance proof of concept, and product definition, as well as define body iterations of various utility functions.

Alpha’s unique vehicle development empowers a business dynamic that is focused on mass production of ICON™ to support the future of sustainability. Expertise in specialized research and technological development enables Alpha to fast track vehicle development with precision and with a passion to create the world’s most desired electric vehicles.

“Alpha will manufacture ICON™ in the United States to help boost the economy through creation of jobs and transform connected enterprises to support a carbon neutral future. The company is evaluating prospective venues and production options,” Smith continued.

The timing of ICON™’s market launch is predicated on a rapid electric vehicle development and homologation program. Alpha will be releasing significant information regarding ICON™ in the coming months.

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