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Motiv Power Systems debuts fifth generation medium-duty electric chassis

Highly reliable and cost-effective class 4-6 solution available for fleets

Motiv Power Systems announced its newest generation of EPIC chassis for medium-duty electric fleets. The fifth generation EPIC F-59 and E-450 chassis have reduced the total number of components in the electric powertrain by 30 percent, while also improving range, acceleration, and top speed.

The fifth-generation EPIC chassis incorporate BMW’s commercially-proven, high-performance batteries in a new robust architecture and includes Motiv’s latest release of its AdaptEV software. The BMW battery packs offer fleets proven road performance, increased reliability, and longer warranties. The battery packs come with a five-year / 75K mile warranty and are validated with billions of real-world miles, giving them the added advantage of being exposed to every possible road condition that fleet drivers may encounter. 

Motiv’s AdaptEV software offers fleets new features such as hill hold driver assist, two-hour high-speed charging using direct current fast charging (DCFC), telematics, and vehicle to grid (V2G) support capability. Software upgrades are available to fleets via seamless over the air updates. With deployments underway, Motiv is scaling its manufacturing capabilities to meet growing demand.

“Falling in line with our mission to free fleets from fossil fuels, our company continues to invest in R&D to bring new technology to market that delivers exceptional results to our fleet customers,” said Motiv Chairman and CEO Matt O’Leary. “Delivering reliable solutions, and continuously improving on these solutions, not only enables fleets to grow their electrification programs at a quicker rate, but also builds lasting customer relationships.”

Like all Motiv-powered vehicles currently in the field, the new EPIC chassis are also Ford eQVM-approved and come with a three-year / 50 K mile powertrain warranty. The robust design and full OEM warranty provides reliable coverage for fleet operators. With proven reliability on par with internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts, Motiv-powered vehicles offer fleets over 99 percent uptime and up to 85 percent operation and maintenance cost savings compared to ICE vehicles.

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