Altigreen’s range drive campaign in Delhi

Altigreen’s vehicles covered a distance of 120+ km on a single battery charge with 450+ kg  load and   30% State of charge left, including 4 different main roads in real-life conditions.

Altigreen’s Range Drive Campaign was aimed at creating awareness about the neEV key strength of On-Ground Range with load

Delhi, 26 July 2023: In a display of solid reliability and unparalleled performance of its electric vehicles, India’s commercial electric vehicle maker Altigreen concluded its Range Drive Campaign here in Delhi. The campaign covered an impressive distance of 120 kilometers with 30% SOC left post drive. The drive commenced from Altigreen’s Okhla dealership store and concluded at the company’s dealership store in Gurugram.

During the campaign, Altigreen demonstrated exceptional capabilities of its High Deck Orange vehicle and Low Deck Green vehicle, which covered the set distance with utmost efficiency. The vehicles followed a strategically planned challenging route with three halts at Palwal, Sohna and Rajiv Chowk. The Low Deck Green Vehicle travelled 120 kilometers, retaining an impressive 35% battery charge, while the High Deck Orange Vehicle boasted a resilient 32% battery charge after covering an equal distance. 

The Green LD consumed 66% while the Orange HD utilised 69% during the drive. Carrying a mixed load of 450 kg, both vehicles accommodated a diverse array of cargo with multiple loading and unloading stops along the way in streets of Delhi and surrounding, demonstrating Altigreen’s commitment to excellence, performance and technology.

Altigreen’s Range Drive Campaign was aimed at creating awareness about the neEV’s key strength: On-Ground range. The event was covered by key influencers like Behind the Wheel, Gadreji Information , and many more.

Speaking on the occasion, Altigreen’s Director – Sales, Service & Marketing, Debashis Mitra  said, “I am extremely pleased with the success of our Range Drive Campaign in Delhi. The city is the largest EV market in India, which has accounted for the highest electrification rate in the last 3 years, thanks to the Delhi Government’s push for EVs through local state subsidy. 

The campaign was our attempt to successfully negate the myth around electric vehicles’ range and make a strong statement to prove that EVs can match the performance and range of their ICE counterparts while transitioning towards green mobility. Altigreen’s key USP has always been range, and to prove this on the ground, the challenge was undertaken by our esteemed customers, and the vehicle delivered 120 km range in a single charge with a 450 kg load with 30 % battery left.”

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