Chhattisgarh’s Transport Department to install panic button, vehicle tracking in passenger buses

Date: July 10, 2023

In a bid to enhance passenger safety and improve the overall efficiency of public transportation, the Transport Department of Chhattisgarh has announced the installation of panic buttons and GPS tracking systems in passenger buses across the state.

The panic button feature aims to provide an added layer of security to passengers, particularly women and vulnerable individuals, who may find themselves in distressing situations during their journeys. By pressing the panic button, passengers will be able to send an immediate alert to the bus driver, nearby authorities, and the central control room. This will help facilitate swift responses in case of emergencies, such as incidents of harassment, medical emergencies, or any other threat to passenger safety.

The Dial 112 office has been designated as the GPS control center for this system, which will guarantee effective monitoring and reaction. The Transport Department has set a timeline for the installation of panic buttons and GPS tracking systems in all public buses. They will collaborate with technology providers and bus operators to ensure a seamless integration process. Additionally, staff members will receive training to effectively handle panic alerts and respond swiftly to emergency situations.

The state currently runs a fleet of 12,000 passenger buses on a variety of routes throughout the state. There are over 6,000 school buses on the road. According to the department, the new technology would map out the routes of school buses. If a school bus deviates from the designated route, this feature will activate the automatic warning mode, assuring the safety of the students. Each shift will have four personnel working in the control room, who will be in charge of keeping an eye on all buses and swiftly alerting the police in case of emergencies.

With the implementation of these advanced security measures, Chhattisgarh’s Transport Department aims to set a benchmark for other states in India, demonstrating the importance of prioritizing passenger safety in public transportation.

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