CarDekho’s Rupyy expands financing solutions to drive electric vehicle adoption

Date: July 8, 2023

CarDekho’s financial subsidiary, Rupyy, has announced an expansion of its financing solutions aimed at boosting the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in the market. The move comes as part of CarDekho’s commitment to promoting sustainable transportation and addressing the growing demand for EVs.

To meet the rising demand for EV financing, the brand has formed important strategic alliances with well-known EV producers and MBOs, including Pure EV, Trinity, Blive – MBO, Tork, Jitendra EV, Hero Electric, Electric One – MBO, Hop Electric, Ampere, and Hero MotoCorp. Rupyy can provide a seamless lending experience for a large percentage of customers with the help of such industry partnerships. These collaborations aim to offer additional benefits, such as lower down payments, extended loan tenures, and preferential interest rates for EV buyers.

Rupyy, which offers a wide range of financing options for car purchases, aims to facilitate the transition to electric mobility by providing affordable and accessible financing solutions to potential EV buyers. The expanded financing solutions by Rupyy will include attractive interest rates, flexible repayment options, and streamlined application processes tailored specifically for electric vehicle purchases.

The move by CarDekho and Rupyy is expected to play a crucial role in overcoming one of the main barriers to EV adoption, which is the higher upfront cost compared to traditional combustion engine vehicles. By making financing more accessible and affordable, potential buyers will have greater financial flexibility and incentive to embrace electric mobility.

With the expansion of Rupyy’s financing solutions, CarDekho aims to not only contribute to the growth of the electric vehicle market but also promote a more sustainable and greener future. By providing consumers with convenient and cost-effective financing options, CarDekho and Rupyy are taking a significant step towards accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles in India and beyond.

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