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Audi announces plans to unveil EV manufacturing facility in Mexico

Date: July 8, 2023

In an exciting development for the automotive industry, Audi has announced its intention to unveil its electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing plans in Mexico. The renowned German automaker aims to establish a significant presence in the Mexican market, leveraging the country’s strategic location and skilled workforce to boost its EV production capabilities.

According to those familiar with the situation, Audi will reveal its EV expansion plans on July 18 at its facility in San Jose Chiapa, Puebla. “No announcements are anticipated, and we are unable to confirm any business travel or announcements”, the Audi official said.

Audi has long been committed to sustainable mobility and has made substantial progress in transitioning towards electric mobility.The company’s decision to expand its manufacturing operations to Mexico aligns with its ambitious goals of electrifying its vehicle lineup and meeting the increasing global demand for EVs.

The upcoming EV manufacturing facility in Mexico will serve as Audi’s production hub for electric vehicles destined not only for the Mexican market but also for export to other regions. When given a tour of the Audi factory in Puebla last year, Mexico’s then-foreign minister Marcelo Ebrard expressed his excitement for additional investments from the company as Mexico ramps up the manufacture of more ecologically friendly vehicles.

Officials from Mexico and company executives talked about the plant’s expansion plans as well as the group’s ongoing shift to producing only fully electric vehicles in the future, according to a statement released at the time by Audi.

As the world embraces electric mobility, Audi’s decision to establish its EV manufacturing plans in Mexico signals a significant milestone for the Mexican automotive industry and reinforces the country’s position as a prominent player in the global automotive landscape.

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