Electric Vehicle

Amsted Automotive Group brings E-axle Disconnect technology to Rivian Automotive electric vehicles

Amsted Automotive Group developed an E-axle solution that was launched in the new electric vehicle lineup from Rivian Automotive.

The Dynamic Controllable Clutch (DCC), an Electro-Mechanical E-axle Disconnect system, addresses the need for new torque-management solutions for EVs, providing seamless shifting technology and performance, while significantly extending the battery range. Amsted Automotive adapted the technology for Rivian EVs, since traditional clutches are not conducive to the demands of electric propulsion systems.

The patented DCC, as an Electro-Mechanical E-axle Disconnect solution, enables the driveline system to efficiently engage and disengage rear electric drivetrains from their drive axles while conserving energy and maintaining on-road and off-road capabilities. DCC uses electric actuation to create substantial packaging and system efficiencies by eliminating complex hydraulic systems. It magnetically latches in each state, significantly reducing the energy requirements to keep AWD and 4WD systems engaged. This application of mechatronics enables shift times of less than 20 milliseconds. Additionally, EV range can be extended by 10-20%, depending on the application.

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