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Anritsu joins O-RAN ALLIANCE

Anritsu Corporation is pleased to announce that it has joined the O-RAN ALLIANCE as a Contributor member.

The O-RAN ALLIANCE is an industry organization for promoting open standards, AI, virtualization, and interoperability of wireless access networks. It has more than 240 corporate members, centered on world-
leading mobile operators, and vendors of wireless infrastructure and core networks equipment, related equipment, software, and measuring instruments.

Anritsu Corporation is a well-known manufacturer of measuring instruments for testing both wireless and wired communications quality for O-RAN ALLIANCE-member mobile operators and wireless-infrastructure equipment vendors. Anritsu hopes to promote open, interoperable mobile networks by joining the O-RAN ALLIANCE to play a key role in the organization, centered on wireless evaluation and interoperability testing for wireless and distributed units based on the defined protocol specifications.

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