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Basemark helps to deliver augmented reality experience for one of the world’s leading premium car brands

Basemark, a leading software enterprise specializing in automotive software, implemented augmented reality (AR) applications for the BMW Group. AR over-video application is the first one of these and is now available in some of the latest BMW models. The work has resulted in cutting-edge AR applications for new electric BMW iX vehicles that use vehicle sensor data and computer vision functionality. These enable AR-enhanced information to be shown on the car’s Central Information Display while navigation is enabled.

Augmented reality-powered Central Information Displays help the driver with vehicle interaction and be more aware of their surroundings. For example, AR increases the ease, accuracy, and safety of navigation. With AR, upcoming turning maneuvers and lane recommendations are shown to the driver directly on the Central Information Display. The front-view camera automatically sends live footage to the curved touchscreen, where interactive arrows appear to show the driver exactly where they need to go. The map remains visible thanks to a split-screen functionality. This means drivers no longer need to interpret the image from the navigation map to the road in front of them.

AR features also help to improve the parking experience in densely packed urban environments. AR can also help to guide the driver towards available parking vacancies, inform about parking limitations and rates, and augment the driver’s spatial awareness during parking.

“The BMW Group’s augmented reality-powered applications set a new standard for driver experience, comfort, and safety. We are delighted that Basemark’s leading automotive software know-how resulted in AR implementations that fulfilled the concept of the BMW Group and asset requirements with great technical feasibility and high performance. We also collaborated to improve the BMW Group’s asset creation and delivery process, empowering both designers and developers, resulting in reducing time spent on development. The work also included providing support for concept exploration and simulation development of AR concept features,” says Tero Sarkkinen, CEO and Founder of Basemark.

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