Vehicle Telematics

Antzertech’s MQTT vehicle tracker saves network bandwidth yet improves real-time response

Antzertech, has announced support for the standard-based MQTT protocol in its vehicle tracker products. MQTT brings advantages to customers and strengthens Antzertech’s industry-leading portfolio of vehicle tracker products.

Benefits for Customers

Antzertech’s MQTT-based trackers consume less network bandwidth and have more reliable connectivity and better real-time response. As MQTT is a standard protocol widely utilized in IoT applications, customers can found out their fleet management platforms in public or private clouds. Antzertech’s vehicle trackers also enable customers to save lots of significant costs because of MQTT’s light data load – without compromising trackers’ rich features.

Right Protocol for Next-Generation Fleet Management Applications

MQTT is an open standard protocol made for constrained devices and low-bandwidth, high-latency, or unreliable networks – typical for vehicles in fleet management applications. Compared with HTTP, MQTT features faster response and throughput, also lower battery and bandwidth usage, making it compatible for fleet management applications where connectivity is intermittent, bandwidth is at a premium, cloud applications got to interact with multiple tracking devices, and reliable data transmission is a key requirement. Because of MQTT’s low bandwidth requirements, users can leverage low-cost data plans or LPWAN like LTE-M or NBIOT. 

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