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LinkeDrive releases a new app for Drivers!

LinkeDrive®, Inc., announces the release of the LinkeDriveR App, continuing its ongoing efforts to improve the end-to-end driver experience and empower drivers with the information they need to succeed.

The app is available for IOS, Android, and even laptops if drivers prefer. The LinkeDriveR App provides clear, visual, and intuitive communication of organizational goals and driver performance.  Hailed by early adopters as the “Driver’s Go-To Hub That Makes a Difference” and boasting rich and easy-to-understand driver reporting and information, this app is a must-have for every transportation organization.

Above: (top) LinkeDriveR app home screen with driver coaching top, (bottom left to right) MyDrive daily reports, 30/60/90-day reporting, and MyScore monthly reports.

Major Features Include

LinkeDrive reporting

  • Daily MyDrive
  • Monthly MyScore
  • 30 / 60 / 90 Day Trends


  • Easily extensible to any data set to create customized leaderboards (e.g., safety leaders, number of customers’ “likes,” PedalCoach Score) and flexible reporting on fleets, regions, business units, and companies

Driver coaching

  • Complete with personalized driver coaching, infographics, and video training support, including coaching review and engagement adherence scoring

Training and onboarding

  • Full suite of onboarding and training materials, spanning tips, infographics, and videos, for the best possible driver experience

Configuration tuning and customization for drivers

  • Personalize your account, report delivery preferences, and the look and feel of your app

Other functionalities include…

  • Star and create a favorite MyDrive list
  • Easily share MyDrives with other drivers, social networks, and friends
  • Add truck specs to your reports

The company’s combined expertise in cloud-based, mobile technology and the trucking industry helps it to deliver solutions that accurately measure, coach, and report on vehicle dynamics, fuel usage, and driver performance. LinkeDrive’s PedalCoach application provides real-time, adaptive feedback for improving fuel efficiency and safety, and its cloud-based solution Driver and Truck Analytics that analyzes and presents information, to fleet executives to help optimize the performance of drivers and assets.

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