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Apple scraps self-driving car project

Date: February 28, 2024.Apple has announced that it has cancelled its autonomous electric car project, known as “Project Titan.” This decision comes after nearly a decade of development and marks a significant setback for Apple’s ambitions in the automotive industry.

The company will now focus on growing its generative artificial intelligence (AI) projects. Many of the workers previously working on the automobile project will be reallocated to these AI endeavors.

While the exact number of layoffs remains unknown, reports suggest hundreds of employees will be transitioned to other divisions within Apple, particularly those focused on generative artificial intelligence. Others will be given 90 days to find new positions within the company or face termination.

Apple’s Project Titan dates back to 2014, when the corporation launched its automobile project, assembling a team of over 5,000 dedicated employees. Throughout its development, the project’s aim shifted between creating an all-electric and a fully autonomous vehicle using Waymo technology.

Amidst a backdrop of major automakers reassessing their investments in electric vehicles. It’s decision to cancel its automotive project marks a significant shift in strategy. Although initially viewed as a potential revenue booster, the company has opted to redirect its focus elsewhere. Moreover, this abrupt announcement underscores the dynamic nature of technological pursuits and reflects Apple’s strategic choices. With the dream of an Apple-branded electric car now dashed, the automotive industry must forge ahead in its evolution.

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