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Argus Cyber Security joins NXP® S32G GoldVIP Vehicle Integration Platform

Argus Cyber Security, a global leader in automotive cyber security, announced that Argus CAN and Ethernet intrusion, detection, and prevention system (IDPS) products are part of the newly launched NXP S32G GoldVIP Vehicle Integration Platform. GoldVIP is a software reference platform that helps vehicle manufacturers accelerate software-defined vehicle development including advanced cyber security functionality. 

Today’s connected vehicles offer an ever-growing number of services and features, which enlarge the vehicles’ attack surface and increase their exposure to sophisticated hackers. To ensure vehicle safety and to meet security regulations for the automotive industry, such as UNR 155 and GB/T 204-9, OEMs are demanding advanced cyber security solutions.

With these needs in mind, the joint solution features the industry’s only pre-integrated IDPS on the NXP S32G chip. Designed to optimize both security and performance, it combines the automotive cyber expertise behind Argus’ Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS) with the processing power of the NXP S32G vehicle network processors.

The IDPS monitors CAN and Ethernet network traffic and detects malicious activity. The solution can also support real-time blocking (i.e., prevention) as an in-vehicle solution, or, alternatively, information can be collected and sent to an offboard solution (e.g., Argus Fleet Protection) for analysis and prevention.

To optimize hardware utilization, Argus IDPS can run only on the S32G processor cores, on the network accelerators (i.e., LLCE for CAN and PFE for Ethernet), or in a hybrid manner. A specialized algorithm automates the configuration to decide which rules and code should be applied in the PFE/LLCE and which on the CPU. Offloading packet inspection to the S32G network accelerators frees up valuable processing power for other vehicle functionality and services.

“Our family of S32G vehicle network processors addresses the consolidation of safe processing and secure networking needs of software-defined vehicles,” said Brian Carlson, global marketing director for vehicle control and networking solutions at NXP. “Pre-integrating Argus’ IDPS in the S32G GoldVIP provides carmakers with additional real-time security protection that leverages the value of S32G network acceleration and offers a holistic cyber security solution for connected mobility.”

“We are honored to partner with NXP, a market leader in semiconductors, to be the only pre-integrated IDPS solution with NXP S32G today. Together, we bring the best-in-class solution that meets the new performance and security requirements of modern vehicle architectures,” said Rachel Pekin, VP Marketing and Strategic Alliances at Argus. “Our IDPS solution has outperformed competition in multiple third-party evaluations and now comes with easy-to-use configuration tools and a well-defined deployment process that reduces false positives.”

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