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Askey adopts VicOne xZETA for 5G connected vehicles

TAIPEI, Taiwan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–VicOne announced that Askey has implemented the VicOne xZETA Vulnerability scanning and SBOM management tool in the development process. This process involves connected vehicle devices that combine onboard unit (OBU), roadside unit (RSU), and cloud-based advanced technologies for smart transportation.

Askey 5G C-V2X OBU is a key for external communications in connected cars. It keeps vehicle data and user identity safe from cyber threats. Moreover, this innovative 5G C-V2X OBU and RSU system enables real-time and precise transmission of vehicle position, road conditions, and signal information. It transmits this data to traffic control systems. Through exchanging real-time information, it smartly adjusts priority traffic signals, proactively clearing traffic and cutting accidents. Furthermore, Askey’s track record boasts the delivery of over a million OBUs to top-tier automakers, solidifying its position as a telematics provider. Askey’s global footprint spans North and South America, Europe, Japan, Taiwan and China, with leading automakers and tier-one suppliers.

“The impact of cyber-attacks is significant to both automakers and users. This includes remotely disabling vehicle functions, crashing the system, or taking unauthorized control of the vehicle. It also involves compromising car owners’ personal information,” said Terence Wang, a director of VicOne product management. “xZETA fully automates the vulnerability scanning and management process, enabling Askey to proactively identify undisclosed vulnerabilities. It also allows them to quickly and easily identify known exploitable vulnerabilities.

“Automotive cybersecurity is far from simple as hackers will attack from all angles. It requires a comprehensive, all-encompassing approach and a specialized knowledge,” said YC Change, a senior director at Askey Automotive Product Unit. “VicOne’s xZETA system delivers almost immediate results, accelerating our product development efficiency. Most recently, we went from a vulnerability scan to patch deployment in just two weeks. This rapid turnaround is a major improvement from the previous six months. Consequently, this enables Askey to continue driving innovation, reshaping the future of intelligent transportation for safer and smarter mobility.”

Through xZETA’s patent pending VicOne Vulnerability Impact Rating (VVIR) technology, external and internal insights are integrated to prioritize high-risk vulnerabilities. Moreover, this empowers Askey to swiftly identify and address high-risk issues and formulate corresponding strategies. The complete information feeds back into Threat and Risk Assessment (TARA) results. This ensures alignment with the ISO21434 process while maintaining a continuous monitoring spirit.

According to Patrick Lu, a senior manager at Askey Automotive Product Unit, “VicOne xZETA adds value to our quality management, allowing us to avoid human biases in choosing between “not fix” or “good fix.” Now, with xZETA, we may assess the severity of vulnerabilities from a more neutral angle, instead of a subjective viewpoint.”

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