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ATrack unveils AK300 LTE vehicle tracker for upcoming 4G migration

ATrack Technology Inc. recently launched a new mainstream model of AK300 LTE vehicle tracker, in anticipation that many countries in Europe, Latin America, and Southeast Asia will gradually terminate their 2G and 3G network services in the coming years. ATrack will help the fleets of these countries to upgrade painlessly by providing real-time positioning, related driving safety management, and other monitoring information, in order to create higher-value telematics applications.

With European telecom carrier Vodafone announcing to stop 2G services by 2025, Latin American carrier Claro announcing to shut down 2G and 3G services in many countries starting from 2023, and carriers in Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and other countries announcing 2G and 3G network sunset plans one after another, the rigid demand for 4G products is on the rise.

Furthermore, with the epidemic changing people’s lifestyles and the rapid increase in logistics and transportation demand, logistics operators are facing the challenge of expanding logistics warehouses and managing large fleets of vehicles. The real-time positioning and dispatching of vehicles, fuel consumption, mileage, driving behavior, and vehicle status are all closely related to the overall operating efficiency and cost of a fleet. ATrack launched the AK300 LTE vehicle tracker to help operators create a variety of telematics applications.

AK300 enabled to support applications include:

  • Monitoring tire pressure and temperature: With Bluetooth wireless tire pressure and temperature sensors, fleet managers can monitor tire pressure and temperature in real-time, thereby preventing blowouts and detecting abnormal temperatures.
  • Retrieve detail vehicle information: Through an external adapter, operations managers can remote retrieve real-time position, fuel consumption, mileage, and vehicle status anytime.
  • Driver Identification: Using RFID reader and tag, the fleet manager can make sure every vehicle was used by the right person at the right time.

Additional applications are also available, including SOS emergency calls and photography. It also can monitor whether or not the driver is idling, speeding, or having other bad behaviors, in order to improve the overall management efficiency of the fleet.

“Currently, many fleets in Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia are still using 2G or 3G network products.” said Terry Wu, chairman of ATrack. “In response to the surge in logistics demand, ATrack is poised to help customers seamlessly migrate the telematics device to 4G in the next few years.”

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