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AUTOCRYPT announces official partnership with NXP for integrated V2X security solutions

AUTOCRYPT Co., Ltd., announced its partnership with NXP Semiconductors in several automotive security-related applications beginning with secure V2X.

As an official partner of NXP, support for AutoCrypt V2X will be streamlined across NXP’s V2X-related offerings, including the SAF5X00 modem chipsets and the SXF1800 Secure Element IC for V2X Communication, as well as the i.MX 8 Series Application Processor. By integrating AUTOCRYPT’s IEEE 1609.2-compliant V2X security solution onto NXP’s platform, secure exchange of V2X messages as well as performance optimization can be achieved more effectively.

“As an increasing number of vehicles and infrastructure rely on connectivity, it is tantamount that processors have the highest ability to secure V2X communication. As a major player in the automotive market, NXP values security as much as AUTOCRYPT. We are looking forward to joint solution development to continue to progress in our target to keep connected cars secure.”

Daniel ES Kim, CEO and co-Founder, AUTOCRYPT

AUTOCRYPT’s offerings across V2X, V2D, and V2G security are a natural match for NXP’s expansive automotive portfolio, paving the way for further joint solution development as global interoperability continues to become a crucial factor for enabling safe transportation and mobility.

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