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Avanci and General Motors ink 5G vehicle license deal

Avanci, the independent joint licensing solutions, announced that it has signed a 5G Vehicle license agreement with General Motors, extending the two companies’ existing relationship to the next generation of connected vehicles.

General Motors’ family of brands will license their 5G connected vehicles to essential patents for 5G, 4G, 3G, and 2G by signing the latest agreement with Avanci. The agreement includes patents of the more than 60 patent holders participating in the Avanci 5G Vehicle program today. It also covers patent holders that join as licensors in the future.

Laurie Fitzgerald, President at Avanci Vehicle, said: “We are delighted that General Motors, a company focused on innovations that move and connect people to what matters. They made the decision to participate in a second Avanci Vehicle program. Since we launched Avanci 5G Vehicle in August last year, we’ve seen the program grow to include more than a dozen automotive brands. Over 60 licensors have joined, reflecting continuing momentum for our global, one-stop solution.”

Avanci 5G Vehicle builds on the success of Avanci 4G Vehicle. Almost 100 automotive brands have already covered more than 150 million connected vehicles on the world’s roads with an Avanci 4G Vehicle license.

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