Connected Vehicle

Sibros teams with STMicroelectronics to deliver OTA for connected vehicles

Sibros Technologies announced a collaboration with STMicroelectronics, within the ST Partner Program. Through the cooperation, Sibros has paired its Deep OTA Updater and Logger embedded applications with the ST Smart Gateway Platform (SGP), featuring STA1385 Automotive Microprocessor, SPC58NH Automotive Microcontroller and a Secure element.

The combined solution takes full advantage of ST’s reference smart gateway platform featuring STA1385 microprocessor as OTA orchestrator receiving and authenticating firmware updates and forwarding to the SPC58NH microcontroller for dispatching to the target ECU.

Sibros’ software-first approach empowers OEMs to reduce software recalls while addressing hundreds of connected vehicle use cases spanning fleet management, predictive maintenance, owner personalization, data monetization and beyond. 

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