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NXP’s automotive processor to use Sibros’ OTA connectivity platform

Sibros, makers of the deep Over-the-Air (OTA) platform for advanced vehicle connectivity, announced their collaboration with NXP Semiconductors. Through the collaboration, Sibros offers pre-integrated system solutions pairing its Deep Connectivity Platform™ with NXP’s automotive processors, including its new S32G2 vehicle network processors and GoldBox service-oriented gateway reference platform.

NXP’s S32G2 processors are built to satisfy the performance, networking, safety and security demands for the modern software-defined vehicle featuring new architectural innovations that accelerate the product development for advanced in-vehicle experiences and connectivity use cases.

Sibros’ modular Deep Connectivity Platform is one of the industry’s first OTA solutions that combines remote software updates, data logging and diagnostics on a single system that works with all in-vehicle ECUs. Utilizing an S32G2-based service-oriented gateway that is centrally located in the vehicle with accelerated networking, advanced vehicle-wide data logging and component software updates can be performed.

With Sibros’ OTA Deep Updater, Logger and Command Manager modules integrated on S32G2, users can now rapidly prototype, test and deploy advanced connectivity functionality on a foundation of three core success pillars including: remote software updates to every ECU; data logging from every ECU; and remote commands to every ECU while handling all data, privacy, safety and security compliances required to operate in any country.  These modules can be deployed on cores with either Linux®, FreeRTOS™, or AUTOSAR® OS.

The combined Sibros-NXP solutions support a wide range of new and innovative connectivity use cases spanning location based services, driver behavior analysis, usage-based insurance, in-vehicle marketplaces, fleet management and more. Safe and secure by design, the Sibros platform is certified to ISO 26262 ASIL-D, which combined with the S32G2 processors supporting ASIL-D systems, allows users to truly meet demanding functional safety requirements.

“As vehicle network architectures evolve to more complexity and interdependence across a large set of disparate ECUs, OEMs can benefit from a single system to manage 100% of all vital software and data while doing so in a highly safe, secure and reliable manner,” said Mayank Sikaria, Co-Founder and CTO of Sibros. “We have designed our deep OTA platform to meet the most demanding requirements of future mobility and our partnership with NXP will help our customers accelerate speed to market and innovation of new connected services,” added Sikaria.

“Next generation connected vehicles will be software and data-intensive and will require a comprehensive suite of cloud and in-vehicle software to introduce new features and keep them updated to maximize performance, efficiency, safety and security,” said Brian Carlson, Global Marketing Director for Vehicle Control and Networking Solutions at NXP. “The NXP S32G2 processors and Sibros Deep Connectivity Platform create a power combination for software-defined automotive innovations since both are optimized for safe and secure processing and target vehicle-wide access.”

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