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BCC Energia and Enel X sign an agreement for electric mobility

BCC Energia – the Consortium of Cooperative Credit Banks, which supports member banks in energy services – and Enel X, the business line of the Enel Group dedicated to innovative products and digital solutions, announced they have signed a framework agreement.

The agreement involves a partnership for the supply of materials and services for the installation, management and maintenance of electric vehicle charging infrastructures (cars, vans, motor vehicles, etc.) at the head quarters and branches of Cooperative Credit Banks.

Electric mobility is the new tile in the mosaic of actions and measures, which the Cooperative Credit Banks are implementing to move towards energy sustainability and a greener future. A mosaic that is already made up of the promotion and use of renewable energy sources, of power plant upgrading and of consumption monitoring.

 In 2019 alone, through the BCC Energia Consortium, Cooperative Credit Banks avoided the emission of 35,567 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. The BCC banks and member companies or clients of the consortium, in 2019, consumed 125,199,391 KWh of green energy (generated by renewable sources) under favourable terms, saving of 1.3 million euros.

The new partnership will enable the spread, in small towns and inland areas, as well as in cities and urban areas, of the culture and practices of sustainable mobility thanks to the widespread coverage of Cooperative Credit Banks, combined with the innovative technological solutions of Enel X, which already operates across Italy. To date, there are over 10,500 charging stations installed by the company throughout the country, with the goal of reaching a total of 28,000 by 2022. More specifically, the offices and branches of BCC banks will be able to access Enel X’s special sustainable mobility services, through a vast range of charging infrastructure for charging the electric vehicles present on the market.

“Promoting the diffusion of electric vehicle charging stations at BCC banks confirms the attention paid by these banks to their local areas, with the objective of actively supporting the transition towards green energy and promoting sustainable lifestyles,” said the President of BCC Energia and Federcasse (the national federation of Cooperative Credit Banks), Augusto dell’Erba.

“The spread of electric mobility is the main goal of Enel X and can be achieved thanks also to agreements with leading Italian companies,” stated Federico Caleno, head of e-Mobility Italy for Enel X. “The partnership with BCC Energia is testament to our commitment in that regard and enables us to supply our cutting-edge technologies for charging electrical vehicles to the members and customers of the Cooperative Credit Banks all over the country.”

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