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Daimler Truck North America selects MOTOR for heavy-duty integrated data

Daimler Truck North America (DTNA), America’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturer, has signed an enterprise renewal agreement with MOTOR, the industry-leading custom data provider for medium- and heavy-duty part numbers and cross-references.

DTNA, its dealers and their aftermarket business, Alliance, have selected MOTOR for a custom-parts database. This data feeds their master parts database to better lead all-makes part searches back to a DTNA or Alliance part number to increase part sales. MOTOR’s Heavy-Duty Parts Professional Services provides businesses with the ability to increase medium- and heavy-duty parts sales on e-commerce sites by ensuring their customers can find their parts when searching a vendor part number. 

Additionally, DTNA licenses MOTOR’s BulkX enterprise cross-reference, allowing them to respond to fleet requests in a more timely, efficient and accurate manner. MOTOR’s BulkX gives part suppliers the ability to cross-reference lists of parts to the parts they provide to the market. This solution is powered by FleetCross e-commerce and cross-reference information, ultimately accelerating turnaround time for quotes.

For over 25 years, MOTOR provides the trusted medium- and heavy-duty information faster, saving businesses money and increasing day-to-day efficiency. MOTOR’s renewal agreement with DTNA enables the company to continue to easily access the correct parts customized for the company’s unique needs.

“The agreement with DTNA allows the company to easily and quickly access parts data from MOTOR’s Custom Database to serve their needs as a leader in the trucking industry,” said Jeff Nosek, MOTOR’s president. “We are thrilled to have industry leaders like DTNA continue to use MOTOR as their customized solution for parts cross-referencing information.”

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