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Bird Three, an eco-conscious shared electric scooter

Bird, a shared short range electric scooter manufacturer, unveiled Bird Three, an eco-conscious electric scooter designed for shared use. The third generation e-scooter, custom designed and engineered by Bird’s┬áCalifornia-based team, comes on the heels of Bird becoming one of the first in the sector to announce its intention to enter the public markets through a definitive agreement with Switchback II Corporation.

Initially piloted in Berlin and Tel Aviv, the Bird Three will be rolled out globally beginning this summer. Every aspect of Bird Three was intentionally designed and expertly crafted to keep riders safe, cities clean and carbon emissions as low as possible. Early market tests indicated that Bird Three boasts a significant improvement in durability – citing a nearly 400% drop in vehicle damages – and is being embraced by riders, as illustrated by a 185% increase in rides taken per vehicle. These signals, paired with the increased number of trips Bird Three can provide on a single battery charge, point to the vehicle’s eco-conscious design and reduced carbon footprint.  

According to Scott Rushforth, Bird’s Chief Vehicle Officer, “A scooter’s battery is directly linked to its environmental impact, and those with smaller batteries require more frequent charging and power fewer trips per charge resulting in an increased carbon footprint. Bird Three’s bigger battery delivers more rides and more miles traveled on a single charge than any other shared e-scooter available today. More miles traveled leads to more sustainable rides and, ultimately, decreased carbon emissions throughout the vehicle’s entire life cycle.”

Bird Three: Bringing Sustainability, Safety and Smart Technology to Riders Globally

For countries like the United States to meet critical, long-term climate goals, as much as 90% of all road vehicles must be electrified by 2050 and 20% of all vehicle miles reduced by the end of the decade. Bird Three was designed to help further accelerate this modeshift from gas-powered cars to micro electric vehicles for the trillions of trips taken each year that are five miles or less. The innovative vehicle’s sustainability, safety and smart technology help to put cities everywhere on a path to reaching their climate goals.


  • Bigger battery, smaller environmental impact: A high capacity battery with real-time diagnostic monitoring and industry leading IP68-rated protection provides more miles traveled on a single charge than any other shared e-scooter.
  • Circular Economy Design: Eco-conscious design and construction maximizes lifespan, minimizes waste and increases second life and recycling opportunities.
  • Durability: Designed using aerospace-grade A380 mated to an AL6061 extrusion provides the ability to withstand the rigors of shared use and is backed by more than 60k simulated impact tests.


  • Riding on Clean Air: Automotive grade, self-sealing pneumatic tires deliver a soft and stable ride over all surface types without risk of getting a flat or requiring complicated suspension systems that present safety issues.
  • See and Be Seen: New high-powered, German K-mark certified LED headlights and taillight provide superior visibility while riding and by other road users, even during daylight hours.
  • Extended Chassis: An elongated wheelbase provides increased stability on all terrains, creating an improved vehicle fit for more individuals and improving riders’ overall comfort.

Smart Technology

  • Real Time Monitoring and Diagnostics: More than 200 diagnostic sensors monitor each component of Bird Three in real time to ensure a safe ride each and every time.
  • Advanced Proprietary Operating System: Updated seamlessly and wirelessly over the air, Bird Three enforces speed zone and sidewalk detection compliance for cities while offering auto-calibration of brake sensors and anti-theft encryption.
  • Smart Acceleration Technology: With a new dual-sensor throttle, inspired by automotive technology, provides redundant sensor verification as well as safe and consistent acceleration for a steady ride.


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