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LG Innotek secures patents for EV charging

LG Innotek, under LG Group, has secured license for three international patents in the field of electric vehicle charging.

The company received a patent for charging control technology that utilizes battery status information. Additionally, the company obtained two patents for EV charging time reservation technology.

“To leap forward as a No. 1 global company, it is essential to systematically manage and secure international patents. It is also crucial to safeguard intellectual property rights for core technology,” said Kim Jin-hyun, head of the intellectual property division of the company. “Through our continuous R&D efforts in the field of IP, we will continue to deliver distinguished customer values.”

Via Licensing Alliance, a global licensing company, selected it as an official EV charging licensor. Licensors grant permission to other companies for the use of their patented technology and receive royalties in return.

With these licenses, LG Innotek is poised to further expand its presence in the EV component market.

Alongside its advancements in eco-friendly technology, LG Innotek has also been rapidly securing patents in core technology. The field of advanced autonomous driving has been a particular focus of their patent acquisition efforts.

In April, LG Innotek drew attention from the industry by winning some 180 patents from Argo AI, a US-based autonomous driving technology startup. The acquired patents largely involved Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology.

LiDAR technology is a remote sensing method that measures the time taken for light to travel to and back from the target. Furthermore, we use the information to determine the distance and direction between the object and the vehicle. Experts consider this technology crucial in advanced driver assistance systems.

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