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MaaS userbase set to soar to 74 million by 2028

Hampshire, UK – 16th October 2023: A new study from Juniper Research says that by 2028, the mobility-as-a-service(MaaS) userbase will grow by 326%, as government support for MaaS grows.

North America represents the region with the most significant user growth; demonstrating that MaaS can work beyond Europe. Moreover, with renewed interest in the development of improved public transport in cities like Washington DC, Portland, and Montreal. This has extended the scope of offerings and encouraged uptake.

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Micromobility Poses New Opportunities

Bicycles and eScooters represent a strong segment of MaaS. With the urbanisation of cities promoting sustainability, the prevalence of micromobility options to facilitate last-mile journeys will rise. Micromobility vehicles will travel 28.3 million miles in 2028, from 2.9 million in 2023. Given that last-mile solutions are a major barrier to public transit adoption. Micromobility should be considered a priority for MaaS initiatives going forward.

Revenue & Incentivisation Leading Considerations

Juniper Research interviewed key MaaS vendors who agreed that outside of challenges including fragmentation of transport offerings. Furthermore, the lack of consumer revenue for MaaS platforms has become a critical consideration for the market. MaaS platforms primarily offer generic B2C apps for journey planning, booking, and payments. These platforms suffer from a lack of uptake and revenue. Unless value-added services are offered, the longevity of these platforms is uncertain.

Furthermore, given MaaS aims to make transport more inclusive and promote sustainability, greater incentivisation efforts are increasingly commonplace, with platforms like Trafi and Meep offering discounts for frequent travellers. The report highlighted this is a model that vendors need to implement to gain traction and attract more consumers to MaaS.

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