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BMW: Driving into the automotive future with ADAS

Published: August 20, 2016

A futuristic technology surprises and pleases at the same time. The innovative camera and radar-based Driver Assistance offers comfort and safety enhancing functions and is designed to reduce driving stress.

The prospect of autonomous, driverless cars continue to dominate the interest in the automobile industry while a quiet transition is already altering our vehicles. The development of sophisticated driver assistance systems has transformed the driving experience altogether. We are witnessing a transition from vehicle mobility to e-mobility in vehicles. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is a promising technology to improve traffic safety, driver comfort as well as increase road capacity and limit energy consumption. We are on the threshold of a new era: a chance to seize the opportunities of digitalization to take individual mobility into a new height. What sounds like the future today will soon be a part of our daily lives.

Frank Schloeder- Acting President at BMW India
Frank Schloeder- Acting President at BMW India

Since its inception, BMW has been at the forefront of pioneering innovations. With a sharp focus on envisioning the future of mobility, we have been creating a little piece of the future every single day. It has been a tremendous journey from being a manufacturer of aircraft engines and motorcycles to the world’s leading manufacturer of premium automobiles to the leading provider of premium mobility and premium services. At BMW, the thinking and actions are geared towards a long term vision. That is the BMW way: past, present and future.

We are focused on Enhanced connectivity, Use of artificial intelligence, and development of autonomous driving. As our world moves faster towards technological innovations, BMW is taking technological innovation to the next level through autonomous vehicles. BMW Connected is our solution for digital premium mobility services. It connects personal data, physical devices and various services in an intelligent way to create a new and seamless customer experience. BMW Connected is based on an Open Mobility Cloud.

This processes data and information from various sources. However, the system doesn’t just process this data, it also learns from the user’s behavior, habits and preferences. On this basis, BMW Connected is able to offer customized solutions for every daily routine. Each ride is therefore safer, more convenient and more entertaining. The BMW Group is the first auto manufacturer to offer its customers personalized digital services.

BMW Connected also takes the surroundings into account that might be relevant for the customer – such as preferred shopping, a restaurant or a store that has already been searched for online. Real-time data from the cloud opens up almost endless possibilities. This is another area where HERE will be an important asset as the future “reality index” across different industries. Connectivity and highly-automated driving will make mobility safer and simpler.

Recently, The BMW Group showcased its four Vision Vehicles which set out to address the future of mobility. Each made by a different Group brand, they represented a distinct interpretation of future mobility and embody a specific set of brand values. They explore a number of future themes, including autonomous driving, digitalisation and personalisation – and present premium mobility as completely effortless, constantly available, emotionally engaging and tailored to individual mobility needs. The BMW Vision Vehicle has the signature BMW driving pleasure at its core.

Digitalization in mobility has really picked up speed and is a key to enhancing passenger as well as driver experience. Today our cars are already becoming an integral part of the internet of things. Digitalization will bring disruptive changes to our industry

First: IT will offer customers greater convenience and safety – initially through driver assistance systems and then, in the more distant future, through fully autonomous cars.

Second: Customer wishes are changing. Drivers expect to be able to integrate vehicles seamlessly into their life – for example, their smartphone or their connected home.

Third: Both trends will also open up new possibilities to use and experience the interior and the user interfaces of our cars.

And last, but not least: Digitalization will open up the automotive industry to new competition.

The BMW Group welcomes competition! It has always made us stronger. We are well prepared for the challenges of the future. Since 2007, our Strategy Number One has paved the way to sustainable mobility with BMW i. We have expanded our service offering with Drive-, Park-, and ChargeNow. And with “Connected Drive”, we have always been ahead of the “classic” competition. Our joint acquisition of HERE – also will give us access to high-definition and real Time maps as a prerequisite for autonomous driving.

The constant search for pioneering innovations that offers the ultimate driving experience is the driving force for the BMW engineers to develop features that enhance Sheer Driving Pleasure. The technological evolution in cars has been incremental. The need for a hassle-free driving experience has led to major innovations in the automobile industry. One such technology is the BMW iDrive. iDrive is one of the easiest and most intuitive way to control entertainment, information and communication. Thanks to the touchpad integrated in the Controller, you can easily enter information such as destinations for the navigation system using your own handwriting.


Driving often becomes a stressful activity due to umpteen reasons. However, At BMW, it is our endeavor to enable driving in a more relaxed style with moments of sheer driving pleasure. Our Surround View feature enables just that. It includes camera-based functions like Rear-view camera, Panorama View, Top View and 3D View. Cameras at the front and back of the exterior mirrors provide a 360° view around the vehicle. It considerably improves vision, particularly when driving in and out of difficult entrances or parking in tight spaces

Always know what turn to take next. And that’s not all. While you concentrate on the road, the full-colour BMW Head-Up Display projects all the data relevant to your journey directly into your line of sight: this includes information such as current speed, collision warnings, Speed Limit Info or control messages. Without having to constantly switch your gaze from road to instrument panel, you travel in greater safety and comfort.

At BMW we believe that the best way to predict the future is to create it. BMW has a long tradition of creating automotive future. One such fun feature is the unique Gesture Control where one’s hands do the talking. It is a rigorously thought-out operating concept that recognizes six pre-defined hand movements for control of a number of functions. This includes volume control, accepting or rejecting phone calls, acknowledging check control messages, closing an information window, changing the camera angle etc. There is also the option of pairing a specific gesture with an individual choice of function.

One of the stressful moments in driving is when one has to drive in high traffic and monotonous situations. Imagine a system which makes the maneuvering easier, faster and effortless. This becomes a reality with the BMW Remote Control Parking and BMW Display Key with touchscreen, a driver has to align the vehicle (straight and centered) and then park it into a tight parking space without being inside the car.

Besides other information, the smart key also displays service reminders, cabin temperature, mileage range and fuel level. Similarly, there is Traffic jam assistant which is extremely helpful when one is driving up to 60 km/h. The system allows you to stay relaxed as you pass through the congestion. It automatically maintains the desired distance from the vehicle in front, regulates your speed independently – even braking down to a standstill – and actively shares the steering. Your vehicle is thus able to help you stay in lane, as long as you keep at least one hand on the steering wheel.

In a country like India, provision for vehicle safety for driving at night is a critical requirement. Now, in the 21st century, a revolution in safe driving at night is the need of the hour. The revolution, when it comes, will be engendered by the advent of autonomous or “self-driving” vehicles. And the timing may be sooner than we anticipate. Envisioning this, BMW Night Vision was created which makes it possible to identify people and large animals at night at a distance of up to about 300 metres. Using thermal imaging, they are also selectively illuminated by the Dynamic Marker Light function.


A futuristic technology surprises and pleases at the same time. The innovative camera and radar-based Driver Assistance offers comfort and safety enhancing functions and is designed to reduce driving stress. Driving Assistant Plus includes optimizing additions such as Steering and Lane Control Assistant, Lane Keeping Assistant with Active Side Collision, Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function and Rear Collision Prevention and Front Cross-Traffic Warning. The system operates on all roads and at speeds of up to 210 km/hr.

With seamless interaction between real-time data from the cloud, adaptive systems and fully-interconnected products, we are able to create an entirely new mobility for our customers.

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