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Bosch Making Long-Range Lidar Sensors

Technology company Bosch believes that before safe automated driving can become a reality, a third sensor principle is needed in addition to camera and radar. Consequently, the company is making long-range lidar sensors production-ready – the first lidar (light detection and ranging) system that is suitable for automotive use.

The company said in a News Release that this laser-based distance measurement technology is indispensable for driving functions at SAE Levels 3 to 5. The new sensor will cover both long and close ranges – on highways and in the city. By exploiting economies of scale, Bosch wants to reduce the price for the sophisticated technology and render it suitable for the mass market.

The developers from the company investigated all use cases of automated driving functions – from highway assist to fully automated driving in cities, to confirm Only the parallel deployment of three sensor principles ensures that automated driving will offer maximum safety when it is rolled out. The three technologies complementing each other perfectly can deliver reliable information in every driving situation.

Bosch will draw on its sensor expertise and systems know-how in the fields of radar and camera technology when developing the lidar, the company can ensure that all three sensor technologies dovetail with each other.

“We want to make automated driving safe, convenient, and fascinating. In this way, we will be making a decisive contribution to the mobility of the future,” said Bosch management board member Harald Kroeger.

Source: Press Release

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