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BYD granted Level 3 ADAS testing license on China’s high-speed roads

Date: January 2, 2024. — Chinese electric vehicle maker BYD has announced that it has obtained a conditional testing license for Level 3 (L3) autonomous driving on high-speed roads. BYD is the first company in China to receive such a license.

Level 3 autonomous driving, denotes that the vehicle may conduct the majority of driving responsibilities under particular conditions on highways. The driver must be ready to take control at any time. Level 3 is one of six stages of automation, according to the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). The stages range from Level 0 (no automation) to Level 5 (complete automation).

BYD said in a statement on its official Weibo account that the license will allow it to test its L3 autonomous driving system, called DiLink. This testing will take place on designated high-speed roads in Shenzhen. The company claims that DiLink can achieve functions such as adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist, lane change assist, and automatic emergency braking.

BYD’s move is in line with the broader industry trend of developing and testing autonomous driving technologies. According to Reuters, IM Motors, another Chinese electric vehicle brand, is in the process of applying to China’s industry ministry for the product entry of L3 cars. IM Motors is part of the state-owned carmaker SAIC Motor.

Autonomous driving is regarded as a critical technology for the future of mobility. It also promises to increase driver and passenger safety, efficiency, and convenience. However, numerous hurdles and uncertainties remain in terms of regulation, standards, and public acceptance.

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