BYD’s Denza debuts affordable ADAS

Date: September 30, 2023.BYD’s Denza, has launched a advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) with NVIDIA. The driver assistance system, co-engineered with NVIDIA, leverages the renowned computing power of NVIDIA’s hardware and software solutions. This partnership allows Denza to enhance its vehicle’s safety and autonomy features without significantly inflating the price tag. This strategic move aims to stay ahead in the increasingly competitive EV market. It also aims to make cutting-edge safety features more accessible to consumers.

The new autonomous driving system costs RMB 15,000 ($2,053). It will enable on-ramp to off-ramp driving and automatic lane changing on Chinese highways for Denza’s flagship N7 SUV. NVIDIA‘s DRIVE Orin processor powers it, capable of handling up to 84 TOPS (trillion operations per second).

In order to cut costs, the N7 SUVs equipped with the technology will remove two lidar sensors. According to the firms, the more expensive model costs RMB 23,000. Moreover, it will enable the vehicles to operate independently on congested city streets for daily commuting utilizing a feature known as City NOA (Navigate On Autopilot).

Using NVIDIA’s powerful AI processors, Denza’s ADAS system offers advanced adaptive cruise control. This enables smoother and more precise speed adjustments in response to traffic conditions. The system utilizes high-definition cameras. It also uses machine learning algorithms to provide accurate lane-keeping assistance, ensuring the vehicle stays within its designated lanes.

With year-to-date deliveries of approximately 80,000 EVs as of August, Denza has established its foothold in the China market. The company is now looking to expand internationally. The company anticipates sales abroad, particularly in Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, to start as early as next year.

In July, BYD introduced the N7 crossover under the Denza brand. The top-end model was equipped with NVIDIA’s DRIVE Orin processor, which provides 254 TOPS. Moreover, the DRIVE Orin chips from NVIDIA can now be installed in all N7 variants to enable automatic driving.

The competition in the electric vehicle market continues to drive technological advancements, benefitting consumers with more choices and safer, smarter vehicles. Furthermore, Denza’s partnership with NVIDIA signals a promising future for affordable and feature-rich electric vehicles, emphasizing the importance of safety and innovation in the industry.

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