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BYD to supply EV batteries to Ford

BYD will supply EV batteries to Changan Ford. Changan Ford  is a 50:50 joint venture between Changan Automobile and Ford Motor Company formed in 2012. The joint venture company manufactures Ford brand passenger cars for the Chinese market.

Changan Ford plans to build a plug-in hybrid model which will have BYD’s batteries. This will be BYD’s first-known battery supply to a global automaker.

Recently BYD had amounted their new Blade Battery. This new battery technology has been in development for some time. These batteries have singular cells are arranged together in an array and then inserted into a battery pack. It has better space utilization compared to other conventional batteries.

He Long, Vice President of BYD and Chairman of FinDreams Battery Co., Ltd., mentioned, “Blade Battery has covered four distinct advantages of the Blade Battery including a high starting temperature for exothermic reactions, slow heat release and low heat generation, as well as its ability to not release oxygen during breakdowns or easily catch fire.”

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