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Lucid Air to be the fastest charging EV; charging at 20 miles per minute

Lucid Motors, announced the Lucid Air will be the fastest charging EV with the capability to charge at rates of up to 20 miles per minute. This new benchmark for speed of charging is feasible through an ultra-high 900V+ electrical architecture, custom lithium-ion battery cells, a highly sophisticated battery and thermal management system, and the Lucid Air’s incredible powertrain efficiency. This efficiency plays an immediate and invaluable role within the Lucid Air’s charging rate, determining the rate of mileage as distinct from the speed of energy flow.

Moreover, Lucid’s unique and innovative “Wunderbox” onboard charging unit combines several usually separated functionalities into one package-efficient and structurally integrated housing. This gives Lucid Air full compatibility with public charging infrastructure, including the ever-growing, 350kW fast-charging infrastructure being built-out nationwide.

The Lucid Air are going to be a groundbreaking EV in terms of charging capabilities and will include:

  • DC fast charging at up to 20 miles per minute, with a peak charging rate of over 300kW
  • Ultra-high voltage 900V+ electrical architecture
  • 19.2kW AC onboard charger that can support AC charging accelerates up to 80 miles per hour
  • Integrated boost charging and the broadest range of charging compatibility from AC Levels 1 and 2, up to the foremost powerful Level 3 DC fast charging, utilizing the universal CCS connector standard for connectivity to, and fast charging at, any public charging network.
  • Full bi-directionality for advanced Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) capabilities built-in for future enablement of Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) and Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) features

On-the-Road Charging

Lucid Air automatically boosts its voltage when needed to charge at the quickest possible rate at any location. By teaming with Electrify America, Lucid Air owners who take U.S. delivery will be offered three years of complimentary charging at speeds faster than any other production car available today. Electrify America is building the most extensive nationwide network of ultrafast 150kW through 350kW charging stations, with its rapidly expanding nationwide network currently boasting 2,000+ individual chargers.

Home Charging with Car-to-Grid Bi-Directional Functionality

In addition to the standard Lucid Mobile Charging Cord that comes with every Lucid vehicle, Lucid has also developed the Lucid Connected Home Charging Station, one of the first AC charging stations with bi-directional charging ever offered. Lucid has developed an integrated partnership with Qmerit that gives for a more seamless installation process for the Lucid Connected Home Charging Station.

Looking to the Future

Lucid is developing static Energy Storage Systems (ESS) using its in-house battery, power electrics, and its renowned Battery Management System (BMS) software technology to develop the building blocks of advanced energy storage. It’s how for Lucid to make a sustainable lifecycle for re-purposing Lucid Air batteries, also contributing to a world where sustainable storage of energy will have tremendous advantages for peak usage, balanced grids, cost savings, and for the environment. The first ESS prototype is already installed at Lucid’s Silicon Valley HQ where the team is actively performing on productionizing a variety of ESS products.

The production version of the Lucid Air will debut in an online reveal on September 9, 2020. In addition to the vehicle’s final interior and exterior designs, new details about production specifications, available configurations, and pricing information also will be shared.

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