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Cellocator by PowerFleet enhances 3Dtracking offering

3Dtracking platform now supports the latest features of Cello-CANiQ device

Cellocator by PowerFleet and 3Dtracking have improved their offering and partnership to ensure that users of Cellocator’s devices have direct line of sight of their vehicles and assets. The combination of 3Dtracking’s innovative features together with Cellocator’s advanced telematics and IoT solutions creates a powerful solution for fleet managers across the world.

Cellocator has recently automated the process of finding a vehicle’s correct ECU parameters file from the Cellocator database for an installed Cello-CANiQ unit via an upgrade to the AutoCAN feature which enables a command to be sent from the 3Dtracking platform to the device. The result is a dramatic reduction in the complexity and time required for the installation of a Cello-CANiQ device and making the CANBus installation significantly quicker and easier.

3Dtracking has also integrated DTC error codes for OBD and CANBus, which in turn provide reports on the system or engine related faults. The historical report function on the 3Dtracking platform provides additional information as to how long an error may have been ongoing, or whether a specific error may be a recurring issue.

“Many of our partners, across five continents, are using these Cello-CANiQ units. This new AutoCAN function allows partners and users to easily program their units to work with a wide variety of vehicle types. All of which can be programmed from our platform” explains Noam Cimand, GM of 3Dtracking.

The Cello-CANiQ devices also provide data to the 3Dtracking platform which enable driver behaviour monitoring. Data received by the platform from Cello-CANiQ devices such as speeding, idling, harsh braking, aggressive acceleration, and rapid turning allows for the creation of a star rating for each trip based on the number of incidents.  These ratings deliver quick feedback on performance, and users can rank the five best and worst drivers. A KPI report update shows the driver/ vehicle percentage over the reporting period, and a detailed breakdowns of any incidents per trip.

“3Dtracking has always, fully supported our devices and latest features. We have mutual partners in Europe who are using our devices and 3Dtracking’s platform for their high-end requirements,” says Shuki Herzlinger, AVP Sales Europe.

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