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3Dtracking integrates Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) for instant trouble monitoring

3Dtracking, global telematics provider, announced the latest addition of real-time Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) to its management service platform.

The addition of DTC warnings now gives fleet managers an instant view into the health of their vehicles. Until now, drivers have been relied upon to communicate these warnings to their managers, increasing the risk of vehicle problems being unattended to.

Diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) are generated when a vehicle’s on-board diagnostics system (CANBUS) picks up a problem.  These DTCs are then displayed via a warning light or another indicator on the vehicle’s instrument panel.

For fleet managers, this integration can provide immediate business value through:

  1. Proactive maintenance and scheduling
  2. Prevention of dangerous accidents, e.g. warning of potential brake failures
  3. Tracking ongoing vehicle issues

3Dtracking General Manager, Noam Cimand explains that tracking hardware limitations have made DTC monitoring difficult until now: “Thanks to tracking device advancements we’re now able to extract data from the CANBUS or OBD systems in vehicles. 3Dtracking’s platform receives the DTC warnings generated by the vehicles and then the DTC is added in real-time on the unit information panel within the 3Dtracking platform, and each different warning code remains active until it is actioned.”

In addition, users can receive real-time alerts via email and SMS when DTC warnings are received, as well as access a detailed report that provides a full history of all reported DTC warnings messages.

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