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Yadea announces marketing partnership with ADAC SE, Europe’s largest mobility club

Yadea Technology Group Co., Ltd, China’s leading e-moped brand, has announced the launch of a marketing partnership with ADAC SE, Europe’s largest mobility club headquartered in Munich, Germany. The partnership is together with the startup Rydies. The partnership will see Yadea’s e-moped sold in Germany, and further accelerates the brand’s global expansion strategy.

Germany has continued to promote emission-free mobility with affordable e-bikes and e-mopeds, in order to reach its emissions reduction targets. Sales for the first half of this year in Germany’s two-wheel vehicle market indicate that demand for electric bicycles and e-moped is set to reach a new high, with 1.1 million e-bikes sold between January and July 2020. E-moped (125 class) sales increased by amazing 59% until Aug. 2020 compared to the previous year.

Already the leader in China, Yadea is committed to becoming the world’s leading manufacturer of electric two-wheel vehicles by continually investing in R&D, leading product innovations with advanced technology, integrating premium materials to improve vehicle quality, and championing a sustainable industry revolution.

With over 21 million members, ADAC is the world’s second-largest automobile association. As part of the company’s mission to electrify Germany, ADAC launched its e-Ride initiative: a cost-effective, flexible entry point into modern mobility. ADAC members can rent electric two-wheelers for a period of three to 12 months, which includes services such as insurance, repairs and a high-quality security lock. In addition, members enjoy discounts when purchasing e-bikes and e-mopeds. The partnership between Yadea and ADAC SE will see the Yadea G5 e-moped launched onto the ADAC e-Ride platform, where members can enjoy discounts on monthly subscriptions and of up to €1,200 on selected sales deals.

ADAC has always attached great importance to road safety, and its partnership with Yadea has reinforced the safety standards of the company’s e-moped in line with leading global standards. Yadea has always placed the highest emphasis on the design, research and development of its vehicle safety systems, and uses military-grade standards in the design and conceptualization of its products.

Beyond safety, Yadea boasts five major technology R&D centers and has obtained 763 patents, including 36 patents for inventions. The brand is an industry leader in power systems, energy systems, intelligent systems and human-centric technologies, and was the industry’s first to incorporate graphene battery technology into its products. YADEA has also built a complete global supply chain system; established partnerships with 16 leading global suppliers including Panasonic, Bayer and Berger; and built seven production bases around the world. Yadea’s products are exported to over 88 countries, and the company boasts over 36 million users worldwide.

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