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TriEye collaborates with major Tier 1 Hitachi Astemo to accelerate the launch of cutting-edge ADAS technology

TriEye announces collaboration with Hitachi Astemo, Tier 1 automotive supplier of world-class products. Combining their expertise, the companies will work together to further enhance the capabilities of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) for adverse weather and low-light conditions by accelerating the launch of TriEye technology. The SEDAR (Spectrum Enhanced Detection And Ranging), has also received significant recognition when it was named CES 2022 Innovation Award Honoree, in the Vehicle Intelligence category.

TriEye developed the SEDAR, the industry’s first affordable and complete solution capable of producing both HD image-data and a detailed depth-map for automated driving applications. The SEDAR was designed to meet the automotive market’s requirements and redefine safety standards by enabling perception in all visibility conditions. TriEye’s SEDAR, based on the world first CMOS based sensor, the Raven, uniquely operates in the SWIR spectrum, enabling HD SWIR imaging and deterministic 3D mapping – in one sensor modality.

Hitachi Astemo manufactures systems for major OEMs, using their leading-edge facilities to develop technologies and ensure maximum quality. Applying this expertise, Hitachi Astemo will evaluate the SEDAR and validate that it can be easily integrated into their ADAS system to deliver mission-critical 2D and 3D depth information under low-visibility conditions.

“Our goal is to continue to work towards improving vehicle safety,” said John Nunneley, Senior Vice President, Design Engineering, Hitachi Astemo Americas, Inc. “and we believe that TriEye’s SEDAR can provide autonomous vehicles with ranging and accurate detection capabilities that are needed to increase the safety and operability under all visibility conditions.”

“We are excited to collaborate with Hitachi Astemo, a leading Tier 1 committed to driving innovations that accelerate the advancement of next-generation technologies,” said Ziv Livne, TriEye’s Chief Business Officer, “together with Hitachi Astemo’s expertise in building and deploying complex ADAS systems, we can create a clear and focused path towards vehicle integration, saving lives on the road.”

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