Vehicle Telematics

Cerebrum Sensor unveils tire load monitoring solutions

Cerebrum Sensor Technologies has unveiled it development of smart tire technologies- measuring radial tire load in real time. Earlier, last year Cerebrum had launched sensor for real-time tread depth monitoring.

Cerebrum has demonstrated its tread depth monitoring solution on over 500 tires over the past 18 months since launch.  The technology has proven consistent accuracy of less than one millimeter across multiple tire and vehicle types. The company initially focused on passenger and light trucks, providing a convenient solution to consumers through the Cerebrum app.

With the launch of Cerebrum’s tire load monitoring feature, the company aims to expand to fleets where tire wear and efficiency are major cost drivers.  The tire load monitoring feature is currently ongoing pilot trials anticipated to conclude by Q2 2021.  The feature will be available to existing customers through a software update without hardware changes, though Cerebrum is launching additional products for specialty applications.  Cerebrum analytics are available through the cloud from a receiver (such as a smartphone), enabling remote monitoring of an entire fleet from any location. 

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