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Smart Radar System Inc., transforming AI-powered 4D image radar technology for autonomous vehicles

Smart Radar System introduces Advanced Image Radar to the Global Market

Smart Radar System, Inc. introduces its advanced Sub-1° 4D image RADAR technology for self-driving vehicles or autonomous driving.

Smart Radar System’s 4D image radar is created by a technology that implements a radar target using point clouds into a 4D image. As it is implemented into an image, the shape is marked, compared to 3D image radars which has no vertical resolution (X) and very few detection points. Powered by off the shelf CMOS radar chipsets, Smart Radar System’s RETINA provides accurate high-resolution 4D images of the objects in real-time.

Additionally, Smart Radar System has also improved its long-range detection capabilities. Smart Radar System’s IRIS provides 360° views to monitor surrounding areas by multiple radars, including blind spots where traditional vehicles have difficulties of detection.

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