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CerebrumX launches its automotive data management platform in US

CerebrumX announced the formal launch of its operations in Princeton, NJ, USA, focusing on the Automotive Data Management Platform. CerebrumX makes and arranges an eco-system of end-users, OEMs, and Data Consumers within the verticals like Media, Insurance, Retail, Fleet, and Smart Cities/Municipalities. CerebrumX is centered around its API-first approach, tailored to give focused solutions to data consumers in specific verticals while being keenly focused on the data privacy and consent management aspects from the end-user and OEMs PoV.

CerebrumX Augmented Deep Learning Platform (ADLP)

CerebrumX utilizes its cutting-edge Augmented Data Learning Platform (ADLP) to deliver near real-time and execution of car data for solutions that require data-meshing from different sources, including the Automotive OEM cloud. This approach comes up with an enriched data set and insights specific to verticals like Media, Insurance and Fleet, which reinforces the reach and monetization potential for the Data Management Platforms (DMPs) and consumer brands. With connectivity inside the car fast becoming reasonable and almost a hygiene, CerebrumX seeks to ride this wave of rich data and connectivity penetration in automobiles. With on the brink of 100M connected vehicles on the road and growing at a CAGR of 28%, including the penetration of after-market connectivity solutions like OBD-II Telematic devices, the connected car business is full-grown for disruption provided by CerebrumX.

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