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Qualcomm’s C-V2X pilot in Honolulu

Qualcomm announced the launch of a new C-V2X pilot program in Honolulu. ‘Applied Information’ will implement C-V2X technologies developed by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. while working with the Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) and the University of Hawaii College of Engineering for deployment of connected vehicle infrastructure in Hawaii.

C-V2X is a direct communication technology designed to provide vehicles low latency communications without the involvement of a cellular network, or cellular network subscription, by operating on designated and harmonized 5.9 GHz ITS spectrum.

Applied Information roadside units (RSU), supplied by Applied Information partner, Goldwings Supply Service, Inc., will offer connectivity between the traffic signals and roadway users, and utilize the Qualcomm 9150 C-V2X Platform, a product of Qualcomm Technologies.

Qualcomm Technologies C-V2X

The Qualcomm 9150 C-V2X platform features direct communication range and reliability and reduced latency within the face of congested roadways. With a robust evolution path in the 3rd-generation partnership program (3GPP) to 5G New Radio (5G NR), C-V2X offers the performance and support connected vehicles got to communicate with transport infrastructure, resulting in less congestion, reduced emissions and smoother driving experience.

The connectivity provided by the Applied Information solution enables the infrastructure to interact with any cloud-connected or C-V2X enabled vehicle or device. 

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