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ChargeHub stations to be integrated into Parkopedia platform

ChargeHub 80,000 network of charging stations across the US and Canada will be integrated into Parkopedia’s Payment Platform. Additionally, the partnership provides dynamic availability data and charging transactions for EV drivers.

With the highly fragmented nature of charging in North America, Parkopedia can provide drivers with stronger nationwide charger coverage. Adding access through a roaming hub of ChargeHub’s scale is the key factor in achieving this. ChargeHub’s PassportHub provides the largest roaming hub in the US and Canada. It has more than 20 CSO partners and coverage of more than 70% of open network chargers across North America. 

Parkopedia services are currently integrated with more OEM systems than any other connected services provider in the world. This ensures seamless in-car charging activation and payment functionality, increasing ChargeHub’s partner CSOs access to EV drivers. Parkopedia’s connected services expertise ensures that the data which drivers receive is as accurate and complete as possible. Established rigorous data verification processes achieve this.

This addresses the challenging prospect of finding chargers. It is something that 92% of US EV drivers are anxious about, with these figures far in excess of any of the other countries surveyed in the Parkopedia 2023 Global Driver Survey. Combined with 74% of American EV owners who stated they have run out of charge at least once, compared with a global average of 66%.

Meanwhile, the partnership provides scope for ChargeHub users. They can benefit from combined parking and charging data to improve their charging experience. It also aims to limit the risk of EV drivers receiving parking fines while charging. To date, 68% of US EV drivers have received a parking fine while charging, according to the Global Driver Survey. This percentage is far higher than the global average of 57%, highlighting that North American drivers suffer the most from both charging and parking concerns.

ChargeHub and Parkopedia collaborate to provide value to fleets. Operators and drivers can access chargers from multiple public charging networks through a single account. Integrate valuable parking and charging data to create a seamless user experience. This partnership provides drivers with access to a vast range of chargers. It ensures that drivers can find chargers locally, complete transactions, and prioritize fast chargers when needed.

Commenting on the new collaboration, Hans Puvogel, Parkopedia COO, said: “Our latest partnership with ChargeHub is an important development for the industry, extending our North American charge point coverage while improving the parking and charging experience for EV drivers and ChargeHub users. North American drivers can now benefit from a streamlined charging experience with access to an additional 80,000 chargers in key locations, along with greater charging availability, location and parking data, combined with frictionless transactions, addressing the main pain points highlighted by EV drivers in our 2023 Global Driver Survey.”

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