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Michelin & Mapbox collaborate for road safety in UK

LONDON January 29, 2024 — Michelin Mobility Intelligence and Mapbox have teamed up to improve road safety in the UK. The initiative aims to provide real-time traffic data and analytics to drivers, helping them avoid congestion and accidents. The new partnership between MICHELIN and Mapbox, an AI-based location technology provider for car manufacturers, mobile app developers, and logistics services, will deliver data-driven solutions for transport departments and cities to improve road safety in the UK.

MICHELIN Mobility Intelligence has been working in the US and France to reduce the number of traffic fatalities. They achieve this by leveraging mobility data insights and machine learning algorithms. Additionally, they utilize MICHELIN’s unique understanding of connecting users in motion with the surface they operate on. This data driven approach empowers road authorities to identify driving behaviors and situations that could be caused by the built infrastructure and its condition.

Mapbox Traffic Data provides industry-leading accuracy for live and typical traffic patterns. More than 700 million users of smartphone applications globally contribute to its user base on a monthly basis. These applications, in turn, provide over 300 million miles of data daily. Moreover, the data detects the actual movement of vehicles on roadways. This allows for more coverage of roads compared to traditional traffic data sources that rely on fixed sensors or niche use cases. Using AI-powered algorithms, Mapbox translates its traffic data into detections of events and patterns of interest along individual road segments, such as instances of harsh braking.

The detected driving events and patterns enable MICHELIN to provide information to UK authorities about locations with potential driver safety concerns, such as:

  • Locations with an elevated risk of interactions between vehicles and vulnerable road users
  • Locations with an elevated risk of a head-on collisions  
  • Locations with an elevated risk of a Wrong-way drivers
  • Locations with an elevated risk of traffic bottlenecks at highway on and off ramps
  • Locations with a correlation between unsafe driving behaviour and deteriorated road surface conditions

“The mission of Mapbox is to power navigation for people, packages, and vehicles everywhere, and enhancing driver safety is a central part of the mission. We’re thrilled to partner with Michelin to apply Mapbox data to transportation safety planning challenges. Moreover, we aim to support authorities in the UK to make roads safer for everyone.” – Peter Sirota, CEO, Mapbox.

Location Intelligence for Vision Zero  

MICHELIN will leverage Mapbox data to collaborate with transportation departments, cities, and engineering & consulting firms. This collaboration aims to facilitate infrastructure optimization and project prioritization. furthermore, the insights will pinpoint specific areas on the network. Road managers should concentrate their efforts to enhance safety in mobility based on these findings.

“Every day, public authorities face the challenge of enhancing road safety. These complexities are then compounded with changes in behaviors and travel patterns. It is our belief that the new partnership with Mapbox, leveraging millions of connected users, will enable us to help the UK authorities. Moreover, this partnership aims to support them in reaching their Vision Zero ambitions.” Philippe Armand, MICHELIN Mobility Intelligence CEO  

The partnership with Mapbox aligns with MICHELIN’s strategy of leveraging data analytics to provide actionable insights and offer customized solutions to its customers. It also exemplifies MICHELIN’s ambition to provide a comprehensive range of services that goes beyond the tire sector.  

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