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China: BYD Qin leads electric vehicle sales in April

In a competitive electric vehicle market of China, startups seems to have been making a mark, going by the sales in April 2020; with two local startups models- NIO ES6 and Li Xiang One getting good response. Tesla Model 3 and NIO-dusted Aion S from GAC coming making it to top three EV sold.

Here’s more info on April’s top 5 best selling models:

#1 – BYD Qin Pro EV

BYD Qin received 5,096 registrations in April. But it could face competition from GAC Aion S which is cheaper and better specs (59 kWh battery and 510 km range compared to BYD Qin 53kWh battery and 421 km range.

#2 – Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 received 4,312 registrations (including imports) in April. It expected to manufacture some 16,000 units during April-May 2020 and with some price tweaking it may come to leadership position in EV segment.

#3 – GAC Aion S

GAC’s sedan registered 3,586 units in April, its Aion S remains far from its 8,460 units sold last Decr’19.

#4 – NIO ES6

NIO SUV ES6 sold 2,907 vehicles in April’20. A locally manufactured premium SUV initially offered 74 kWh in 2018, which was improved to 80 kWh in 2019 and now in 2020 it comes with 100 kWh option. Existing owners have an option to upgrade to 100 kWh pack.

#5 – Li Xiang One EREV

A startup that only began to deliver last December, Li Xiang has quickly joined the top 5 presence in April with 2,622 registrations. It is 5-meter, 7-seat, full-size SUV in extended-range electric vehicles (EREV) category. It has a 1.2-liter internal-combustion engine along with 41 kWh battery with fast-charging capabilities.

Source: CleanTrchnica

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