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Continental Tires introduces Conti SupRim Technology™ in India

Continental Tires has introduced Conti SupRim Technology™ in the Indian market. With the Conti SupRim Technology™, Continental Tyres re-engineered the rim strip compound to deliver superior anti-aging properties that enhance tyre bead flexibility, strength and tear resistance. The Conti SupRim Technology™ is now incorporated into all radial tyres manufactured at Continental Tires’ plant in Modipuram.

India features multiple weather conditions along with the different terrains throughout the country. Such diversities make tyres undergo a great deal of wear and tear. Further, tyres undergo a great deal of wear and tear every day. Fleet operators and owners turn to mounting, demounting, and retreading the tyres to maximize utilization. This practice strains the bead areas making them brittle and susceptible to breakage. Instead of saving casing value and prolonging tyre life, customers end up potentially losing it entirely. Continental Tires specifically developed the Conti SupRim Technology™ for customers in the Asia Pacific markets like India, where customers practice retreading multiple times. The new rim strip compound has superior anti-aging properties, improved tear resistance, and high flexibility and strength.

Conti SupRim Technology™: Four times easier to mount with three times the bead durability

Customers who have tested tyres with Conti SupRim Technology™ agree that it is four times easier to mount compared to a tyre with a conventional compound. This technology provides three times the bead durability of conventional compounds, further minimizing damage caused by mounting and demounting. 

In conventional tyres, bead durability tends to deteriorate up to 75% by the end of its first life. The Conti SupRim Technology™ ensures that the bead retains its initial durability throughout its first life and only results in a marginal decline of up to 18% by the end of its first retread. In short, the Conti SupRim Technology™ ensures superior retreadability and ease of mounting throughout the lifecycle of tyres while delivering lower costs of ownership to customers.

Continuous commitment to providing sustainable solutions to fleet operatorsConti SupRim Technology™ will prove to be path-breaking in the Indian market. This technology boasts a lower cost of ownership and provides superior performance and easier handling. This leading-edge technology will enhance our competitive presence in the industry among fleet operators and owners and successfully demonstrates superiority in innovation and quality at Continental. With the incorporation of Conti SupRim Technology™, we bring safe, durable, and robust tyres to Indian fleets. Our customers across Asia have shown great confidence in this technology to enrich their long-term product experience. We hope to see similar results in the Indian market as well,” said Samir Gupta.

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