Upstream’s 2022 global Automotive Cybersecurity Report highlights actionable insights amid new regulations

Upstream announced the release of its fourth annual Automotive Cybersecurity Report. The 2022 Global Automotive Cybersecurity Report provides a comprehensive view of the cybersecurity threat landscape faced by the automotive industry. The data and the in-depth analysis compiled by Upstream’s expert analysts are based on over 900 connected vehicles cybersecurity incidents from over a decade of smart mobility, with a spotlight on 2021.

Last year brought a staggering evolution in car attacks, seeing hackers blend advanced technologies with sophisticated methodologies. Upstream’s analysts researched beyond individual or localized attacks to identify global trends that impact car manufacturers (OEMs) and their suppliers. “50% of vehicle thefts across the UK in 2021 involved keyless entry attacks and 82% of overall global attacks were carried out remotely, needing no physical access to the car,” said Yonatan Appel, Co-founder & CTO of Upstream.

Even more concerning is that in 2021, over 54% of attacks were conducted by Black-hat actors, presenting a bigger challenge than ever in meeting new regulatory expectations. To boost industry awareness of global standards, such as UNECE WP.29 amendments set to take effect this year and the new ISO/SAE 21434 standard, the report gives real-world examples of how violations look in the field.

“With today’s revolution in automotive connectivity and the exponential growth in the number of connected vehicles on the road, it is imperative for the automotive industry to understand, predict, and combat rising cybersecurity threats,” said Yoav Levy, CEO & Co-founder of Upstream. “This report brings the most updated attack trends into clear focus so all industry stakeholders can be equipped with the data they need.”

As the leading provider of cybersecurity solutions purpose-built for connected vehicles, Upstream has access to vast amounts of smart mobility data. “We make it our mission to provide the information, tools, and solutions to empower the industry to protect itself and its stakeholders,” said Guy Molho, VP of Product at Upstream. “Expert automotive-analysts, the same ones that uncover incidents for our AutoThreat® Pro, give our customers the critical insights they need to mitigate future attacks and effectively comply with standards and regulations.”

Beyond incidents and evolving attacks, the report offers an overview of the cybersecurity risk management solutions landscape. It also highlights the criteria for deploying effective safeguards in light of cybersecurity threats that are rising in magnitude and sophistication. 

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