Karamba Security brings automotive cybersecurity testing lab to Michigan

Karamba Security announced it has opened a cybersecurity testing lab in Rochester, Michigan, the heart of the automotive industry. The new facility will advance the capabilities of OEMs and suppliers to achieve higher levels of security mandated by government regulators worldwide.

Automotive OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers are required to meet the new ISO/SAE 21434 standard and the UN R155 regulation. To meet these regulations, it is essential to perform threat analysis and risk assessment (TARA) and penetration tests on ECUs and vehicle architectures. Toward this end, Karamba has established a pen-testing lab for its U.S. customers to perform local TARA and pen testing on ECUs and vehicle types, expeditiously and efficiently.

In addition to local and remote pen tests, required by the standard and regulation, Karamba uses its VCode binary analysis software for visibility into supply chain security issues. Such vulnerability scanning is mandated by ISO/SAE 21434, to complement the TARA and pen testing results.

Karamba Security is an industry-leading automotive product security company, providing cybersecurity solutions that secure ECUs and vehicle type lifecycles, without interfering with R&D or supply chain processes. Karamba’s product security portfolio enables automotive OEMs and suppliers to comply with industry regulations without imposing costly changes on their product development schedules or requiring changes to legacy modules they use.

“Automotive OEMs and suppliers are in urgent need to comply with the new cybersecurity regulations. Karamba Security has attracted significant demand to its portfolio of products and services due to its ability to enable cybersecurity compliance without changing R&D processes, delaying time to market, or increasing product manufacturing costs. We are proud to open our TARA and pen testing lab in Michigan to continue delivering on our mission to accelerate ISO/SAE 21434 product security compliance without putting a burden on our customers’ R&D and avoid delaying product launch, or software release schedules,” said Ami Dotan, Karamba co-founder and CEO.

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