Delhi govt’s EV policy 2.0 shifts gears

Date: September 13, 2023. — The Delhi government is getting ready to introduce its EV Policy 2.0, which would encourage retrofitting. It may help increase the use of electric vehicles (EVs) in the city. Retrofitting is the process of converting standard gasoline or diesel automobiles into electric ones by swapping out the IC engine and replacing it with an electric motor one.

Experts claim that retrofitting offers various advantages, including lowering greenhouse gas emissions, strengthening energy security, promoting air quality, and creating jobs. Present challenges in retrofitting are high cost of retrofit kits, requirement for approval from testing organizations and constrained availability of kits for all vehicle models.

The new policy, which is anticipated to be presented in the coming months, will invest in R&D to advance EV technology.  Delhi residents will be eligible for substantial subsidies and incentives when purchasing electric vehicles. These incentives will make EVs more affordable and encourage citizens to make the switch from conventional vehicles to eco-friendly alternatives.

The policy sets ambitious targets for electric vehicle adoption, aiming to have a certain percentage of all new vehicle registrations in Delhi be electric within the next five years. These targets are in line with the city’s commitment to combat air pollution and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. One of the primary motivations behind EV Policy 2.0 is to improve the air quality in Delhi, which has faced severe pollution challenges in recent years. By reducing emissions from internal combustion engine vehicles, the government aims to make the city’s air healthier for its residents.

In June of last year, the Delhi government issued an order enabling car owners to retrofit their vehicles to become EVs. In order to link clients and participating agencies, it has also launched a portal. But so far, the feedback is not encouraging.

The proposed policy is anticipated to revitalize the retro-fitment industry and establish Delhi as a global leader in e-mobility. Additionally, the government intends to increase the number of charging stations and raise public awareness about the advantages of EVs.

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