dSPACE & Argus collaborate on automotive cybersecurity testing

Paderborn, Germany and Tel Aviv, Israel, December 14th, 2023 – dSPACE and Argus Cyber Security announced a technology partnership aimed at streamlining the development and compliance of automotive embedded systems.

Through this partnership, the companies enable early-stage (shift left) cyber security testing. By integrating the Argus automation tool, Argus Fuzzing, with dSPACE’s SCALEXIO Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) systems, dSPACE can now offer vehicle manufacturers and suppliers a continuous integration, delivery, and testing (CI/CD/CT) toolchain. This toolchain is enhanced with cutting-edge cyber security testing capabilities from Argus.

Automotive systems are growing in complexity. Developers need to perform cybersecurity testing early and often to reduce the risks and costs of late-stage vulnerability discoveries. Accordingly, vehicle manufacturers and suppliers are looking to incorporate cyber security testing in their CI/CD/CT pipelines and related workflows. Furthermore, this shift-left approach enables developers to increase product quality through more frequent tests. It also shortens time-to-market by allowing for faster and cost-effective fixes. Moreover, this trend accompanies the increased need for cybersecurity testing across the industry. This is a result of new regulations such as WP.29-UNR 155, ISO/SAE 21434, and the focus on software-defined vehicles.

“The partnership with Argus enables our customers to perform cybersecurity testing on our test platforms. These platforms have already been established for functional testing for many years. As the challenges in automotive cybersecurity continue to grow, mature test procedures become more important. Performing cybersecurity tests using our fully automated HIL systems is a reasonable next step. Our customers have already highly integrated these systems into their processes. Moreover, we are excited to partner with Argus, a strong and experienced cybersecurity service provider”, said Dr. Herbert Schütte, Executive Vice President Real-Time Test & Development Solutions.

The partnership enables dSPACE customers to accelerate development timelines. It also helps reduce testing personnel by combining cybersecurity testing with network, sensor, and fault simulations. Leveraging Argus’ expertise gained through decades of cyber security research allows automotive manufacturers and suppliers to conduct cyber security testing more efficiently. This approach is also scalable.

“Our partnership with dSPACE leverages the respective strengths and know-how of each company. Moreover, It aims to set a new industry standard for cyber security testing,” said Ran Ish-Shalom, VP Strategy and Product at Argus Cyber Security. “The integrated solution enhances cost-effectiveness and scalability for conducting automotive cybersecurity testing. It also helps the industry deliver on the promise of cyber-secure automotive systems in an increasingly connected world.”

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