ECARX, Black Sesame & BlackBerry collaborate on Skyland ADAS platform

SHANGHAI, China, Dec. 05, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ECARX Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: ECX) (“ECARX”) announced that it has partnered with Black Sesame Technologies and BlackBerry Limited (NYSE: BB; TSX: BB) to jointly deploy its Skyland ADAS platform in Lynk & Co’s flagship SUV, the Lynk & Co 08. ECARX Skyland Pro is powered by the BlackBerry QNX® Neutrino® Real-Time Operating System (RTOS). It also utilizes Black Sesame Technologies’ Huashan II A1000 ADAS computing chip. Moreover, this robust tech stack supports the ECARX Skyland Pro with exceptional computing power, stability, reliability, and safety.

This deployment marks the Company’s inaugural mass-production of the ECARX Skyland Pro. It also represents the first large-scale production and application of the Black Sesame A1000 chip for use in ADAS solutions. Moreover, the successful mass production and deployment of ECARX Skyland Pro represents a tangible validation. It also signifies substantial industry acknowledgment of the companies’ collaborative efforts.

Lily Cai, Senior Vice President, China Sales & Marketing of ECARX, said, “ECARX commits to leading the industry with its ADAS solutions. We are very excited to have completed the deployment. We have also achieved mass production of our first ADAS platform, the ECARX Skyland Pro. This is a significant breakthrough for ECARX in this critical technology field. It is also a testament to the unwavering support we have received from our industry-leading partners, Black Sesame Technologies and BlackBerry.”

Dhiraj Handa, Vice President of IoT, Asia Pacific at BlackBerry, stated, “BlackBerry, the leader in safety-critical embedded automotive software, expresses delight. The company is collaborating with Black Sesame Technologies. They aim to introduce a reliable, high-performance, and flexible autonomous driving platform. This platform will empower BlackBerry’s inaugural ADAS platform.”

Yang Yuxin, CMO of Black Sesame Technologies, said, “The robust collaboration between Black Sesame Technologies’ high-performance A1000 chip and BlackBerry’s QNX® Neutrino® Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) have contributed to the creation of a cutting-edge autonomous driving computing platform. Black Sesame Technologies, a global pioneer in autonomous driving computing chips, looks forward to partnering with ECARX and BlackBerry on future ventures. The goal is to empower Smart Mobility and further drive advancements in China’s ADAS sector.”

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