Electric Vehicle

ECCO launches electric vehicle alert system

ECCO has launched the Electric Vehicle Alert System® (EVAS) to assist manufacturers comply with federal regulations. EVAS keeps pedestrians safe while allowing automakers to develop an audible brand.

EVAS offers the newest technology within the industry’s most reliable speaker, producing a 360-degree perimeter of sound around the vehicle. It features a brode frequency band (350Hz to 5KHz) and may be programmed with a spread of approved tones. ECCO will operate with customers to develop their unique “voice.”

Test drive EVAS and sample a sound profile

EVAS can be easily installed in any vehicle, from passenger cars to autonomous vehicles to buses. Unlike other audible warning devices within the market, EVAS speakers are designed and tested to the ECCO standard and have passed automotive testing protocols from multiple tier-one manufacturers. They are highly immune to corrosion, vibration, dust, salt, and moisture. Drivers and pedestrians can believe ECCO’s devices to consistently perform in any environment or driving conditions.

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