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Echodyne, Announces Imaging Radar for Autonomous Vehicles

Echodyne, a radar platform company announced a breakthrough imaging radar for autonomous vehicles–EchoDrive . The radar is built on MESA technology and offers a new type of sensor functionality that promises to significantly enhances machine perception.

Among its advanced AV imaging radar features, EchoDrive , according to the company, offers:

  • High resolution imaging in both azimuth and elevation
  • Road following through active beam-steering
  • Seamless adaptation to changing drive scenes
  • Rich raw unfiltered data
  • Dynamic control API delivering industry-first cognitive sensor functionality.

EchoDrive claims to deliver unprecedented real-time control over the radar’s interrogation of the drive scene, enabling a richer form of machine perception.

“Today, AV stacks have a one-way flow of data where sensors deliver information and the AV system processes it and takes action,” said Eben Frankenberg, CEO of Echodyne. “What is missing is a dynamic, interactive flow of data that makes cognitive functions possible in the AV stack. With EchoDrive, the AV system can direct the radar to interrogate specific objects to gain clarity on the driving scene for more confident AV decision making. We look forward to helping companies across the AV spectrum design, build, and deliver safer vehicles by using Echodyne’s EchoDrive radar.”

Source: Echodyne

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