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Eicher establishes a new standard in Intercity luxury bus travel with a new Coach & Sleeper platform

VE Commercial Vehicles Limited launched an all-new industry-defining Coach & Sleeper bus range. The custom-developed buses designed and built-in Volvo Buses India’s factory in Hosakote on high-performance front-engine Eicher 6016 R LPO 12.4 m chassis sets a new benchmark for bus travel in India with its future-ready design and luxurious interiors.

“A year ago, we announced the formation of a Bus division within VECV with the clear aim to shape the developments in the Indian bus industry. Today I am proud to launch a new range that synergizes Eicher brand’s extensive local presence and expertise in value engineering with Volvo Buses India’s competence in premium bus segment. This product truly combines the ‘best-of-the-both-worlds’ said Vinod Aggarwal, MD & CEO, VE Commercial Vehicles”

Akash Passey, President, Bus Division, VECV adds, “This is the first milestone in our drive to offer a complete range of market-adapted economy, mid-premium and premium buses across all market segments. With the national permit being rolled out, operators seek high-quality buses – that call for balanced upfront investment – to reliably cover longer distances. The new products are the perfect answer to this rapidly evolving market’s needs. We are confident that the fully factory-built coach and sleeper will prove viable alternatives to rail and air travel, due to their best-in-class quality, reliability, and durability.”

Detail is the difference

With its stacked surfaces and sharp sculptured Tall Boy design, the modern aerodynamics instantly conveys aesthetic appeal. The fully air-conditioned buses maximize comfort and safety for passengers. The range built on the Eicher 6016 R LPO 12.4 m chassis is equipped with the reliable 5.1 litre VEDX5 engine derived from Volvo Group’s global powertrain family. Capable of delivering maximum power of 210 HP and flat torque of 825 Nm @ 1200-1600 rpm, the powerhouse delivers unmatched performance for drivers and best-in-class fuel efficiency for operators while getting passengers quickly to their destination.

  • The fully air-conditioned Coach seats 43 passengers with best-in-class 11.3 cu.m luggage space.
  • Sleeper version offers 30 luxurious berths that maximise comfort and safety and offers 6.5 cu.m of luggage space. Berths are separated by full-height partitions to ensure privacy and security in the air-conditioned environment.
  • The high-performance Eicher 6016 R LPO 12.4 m chassis is designed to offer improved structural strength, while the corrosion free fuel tank and high-capacity alternator deliver trouble-free performance.
  • Value-added features like Cruise Control, Fuel Coaching, Mbooster+ and Intelligent Engine Protection System make the Eicher 6016 R LPO 12.4 m chassis, a preferred choice for Intercity, Route Permit and Staff applications.
  • Equipped with the reliable 5.1 litre VEDX5 engine, built on Volvo Group’s global BSVI platform. Capable of delivering maximum power of 210 HP and flat torque of 825 Nm @ 1200-1600 rpm, the powerhouse delivers unmatched performance and best-in-class fuel efficiency.  
  • Compliance with all applicable government norms.
  • The coach’s theatre-type saloon seating, pushback seats and LED ambience ensure comfortable long journeys. USB ports, reading lights, speakers, AC louvers and infotainment systems are standard offerings. 
  • High importance accorded to driver ergonomics. The dashboard which is designed in line with global benchmarks incorporates controls that are positioned and oriented for easy accessibility. The stylish engine hood is suitably insulated to minimize NVH levels. The bus body complies with relevant legislation, with all materials being certified to be fire-retardant.
  • The new range is supported by Eicher buses pan-India service network with over 500 touchpoints which offer a one-stop-shop for both chassis and body service requirements. Further, Lifetime Support Solutions, ensure seamless and hassle-free experience across the ownership period.
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